Hyva launches Alpha tipping gearHyva UK has announced a new range of tipping cylinders and tractor kits which will be marketed under the collective name of Alpha.

The manufacturer said Alpha updates and extends its range of tipping cylinders, both for rigid tipper and trailers, and will be available to customers in the second half of 2014.

Specifications suggest Alpha cylinders are smaller, lighter, stronger, operate at higher pressure (up to 250 bar) and use less oil than previous models.

Alphas are designed to offer faster tipping, shorter cycle times and reductions in both the size of the equipment and its weight – which Hyva said should make working routines more efficient, increase payloads and reduce operating costs.

Hyva is targeting Alpha at three main markets. The C-Line is intended for the construction sector, and offers all-rounder and heavy-duty rigids for on- and off-road applications. T-Line covers general transportation work with all-rounders, heavy-duty and silo trailers. M-Line offers heavy-duty rigids aimed at mining operations.

For maximum-weight UK tippers, the FC137 cylinder combines a light weight with heavy-duty capability. In Alpha spec, the cylinder loses 22 kg in weight – which Hyva said makes it one of the lightest all-purpose gears and a good match for Euro 6 8×4 tipper chassis.