Scania is preparing a new generation of alternative fuelled vehicles to hit the road.

Furthermore, the company is planning a wide range of charging and powertrain options for drivers and operators.

As a result, applications such as refrigerated transport, concrete mixers and regional distribution will be catered for.

The new hybrid powertrain has been developed in house.

Therefore it retains many of the company’s core competencies such as a modular philosophy.

Two electric motors have been coupled together and mated to ‘essential parts’ of Scania’s Opticruise gearbox.

As a result, the GE281 Gearbox Electric machine has been created with a range of technology highlights.

For example, it offers seamless power transmission and capacity to deal with GVWs of up to 36 tonnes using only electric power.

However, using an ‘electric machines’ means that when the hybrids hit the road they can accomodate downsized engines.

In other words, fuel savings of up to 40% are possible in cities, compared with traditional powertrains. 

Fredrik Allard, senior VP and head of e-mobility at Scania is keen to see the trucks hit the road.

“The GE281 is something brand new in the heavy truck industry,” he said. 

“Therefore, with this fourth generation of hybrid trucks from Scania, we have reached a point where hybrids are strong candidates for a variety of applications. 

In addition, he highlighted the importance of operations where sustainability and smart solutions are the main priorities. 

“As a result, these new hybrids have the capacity for taking on a multitude of tasks.

In conclusion, Allard commented: “They will come out on top in all kinds of relevant comparisons.”

Scania said hybrids can be ordered as HEVs and PHEVs – available in P, G and L series cabs. 

In addition, the trucks can be specified as both rigids as well as tractors.