New research has emerged showing a majority of hauliers benefit from using more digital practices in their business.

The survey was carried out by Mandata, the transport management software provider.  

Specifically, responses showed that more than half (55%) of hauliers had benefited from digital transformation. 

Mandata conducted the survey with logistics and haulage operators.

The goal was to help identify the biggest challenges currently facing the industry.

Therefore, fleets ranging from 30–200 vehicles were questioned by the software company.

As a result, the study found that respondents’ main priority was to help cut manual processes by digital adoption. 

However, a lack of technical knowledge has become a barrier in adopting this goal.

In addition, 30% of hauliers said their biggest concern since the Covid-19 pandemic is their inability to work remotely. 

Mandata has compiled together the answers to support business growth. 

As a result, it hopes the sector will deliver more value using digital channels.

Mandata found 55% of customers saved 10 hours a week on manual job entries by using a transport management system. 

Furthermore, Steve Spark from Mandata highlighted the key benefits of switching to digital. 

“As industry leaders, we have a responsibility to help our customers succeed and deliver on promises made,” he said. 

In addition, Spark said hauliers benefit from implementing dedicated digital solutions. 

For example, he stated it removed duplication of operational processes and give businesses a clearer idea of performance.

“Digital innovation is fuelling change in the road transport sector,” added Spark.

“However, businesses that don’t adapt and prioritise these changes are at risk of falling behind.” 

Furthermore, he stated that repetitive processes are impacting hauliers’ operations, affecting cash flow. 

Concluding, Spark said research in the whitepaper will help hauliers benefit from operational improvements.

The whitepaper is available to download from the Mandata website.