Two Fruehauf trailers have joined the fleet at Lincolnshire-based haulier H.C Wright. 

As a result, the boss – Jon Wright – says transporting goods has got a lot easier.

Specifically, the company is concerned with the movement of grain, sugar beet and seasonal crops.

Wright, who is the fifth generation of the family business, has spent more than 28 years working in the haulage business.

H. C. Wright is now now in its 127th year, so has a lot of experience running different trucks as well as trailers.

In this instance, however, the two Fruehauf trailers represented a repeat order from 2017.

Back then, H.C. Wright ordered a couple of Sloper Smoothsider tippers.

Of the 11 trailers in his fleet, Wright currently has seven Fruehauf units. 

Meanwhile, the company uses a mix of Scania, Volvo and MAN tractors.

“We do work the 70 cubic yard capacity trailers hard transporting primarily grain,” he explained. 

“However, they are robust, long-lasting and never cause any problems.

“With Fruehauf, I think we have that mix of reliability, build quality and good back-up.”

The Frauhauf trailers will cover about 110,000km a year, delivering and collecting from agricultural customers.

The company mainly works for major grain merchants across the Midlands including Openfield, Humber Grain and Woldgrain. 

In addition, it transports malting barley to beer producer Coors and French agri-food group Soufflet, both based in Burton-upon-Trent. 

Finally, it delivers seed to local animal feed mills and works with many Lincolnshire farmers.

The Fruehauf trailers’ detailed specification includes a performance chassis and Bridgestone R179 tyres. 

“We went for a smooth-sided trailer over a ribbed one for easy cleaning,” explained Wright. 

“The performance chassis is lightweight and it has alloy wheels to maximise payload. 

“In addition, hydroclear electric sheet from Dawbarn facilitates easy loading and unloading.”