januarynewsrevPrime minister David Cameron has promised the government will on improving British infrastructure – including over 100 improvements to major roads – in what he said would be “the biggest, boldest and most far-reaching road improvement programme in four decades”. In an address delivered at the annual Confederation of British Industry Conference held in London on November 10, Cameron named the A303 and the A1 as examples of how ageing and unsuitable roads are “holding back” British businesses. Cameron said the government will be adding hundreds of extra lane miles to motorways and trunk roads across the country, and will give the green light “to major projects that have been stalled for years”.

“This action will which for too long have held parts of our country back,” the prime minster told conference attendees. “This will be nothing less than a roads revolution – one which will lead to quicker journey times, more jobs, and businesses boosted.”

The plans were broadly welcomed by the industry. Malcolm Bingham, FTA’s head of road network management policy, said: “Such improvements have to be good news for all UK freight operators. Improved road reliability will help to ensure transport operators can provide an efficient service to their customers and will reduce the unnecessary costs associated with traffic jams.”

As part of the investment, the government said it will fund solutions to tackle some of the most notorious and longstanding road problems across the country. This will include improvements to the A303 to the South West, the A1 north of Newcastle, the A1 Newcastle-Gateshead western bypass, Trans-Pennine roads in the north of England, the A47 in the east of England and the A27 on the South Coast.