Eating the right food and exercise at regular intervals has been ‘prescribed’ to truck drivers by their peers. 

Unfortunately, research suggests that truck drivers are not staying healthy on the road.

Specifically, the key elements are eating the wrong foods and not getting enough exercise.

Therefore, Driver Hire Training has spoken to two drivers for advice on the subject.

Good food and exercise are key to life on the road, say Mark Clarke and Steve Bond.

 For example, unhealthy eating habits can be picked up easily. 

That might be eating fast food or not getting enough fresh fruit and vegetables.

 As a result, Clarke said he preps evening meals ahead of his working day.

“Typically, I will take chopped up vegetables, cheese, eggs, oat milk and fruit in the fridge,” he explained. 

“Evening meals are mainly freshly cooked omelettes with salad or a bean chilli.”

Meanwhile, hydration was also highlighted as a major issue among drivers. 

For example, dehydration can cause health issues such as loss of alertness and tiredness.

The advice from Bond is to take a refillable water container on the road.

“I take a flask of hot drink with me,” he said. 

“Also, I have a cold drink to help hydration,” he added.

 In addition, exercise is an important element of life on the road.

Essentially, the NHS recommends 150 minutes of exercise a week for adults. 

Therefore, drivers should be out and about for half an hour a day across five days.

However, many drivers are missing out on exercise opportunities.

“I took up road cycling due to having been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes four years ago,” said Bond.

Furthermore, Clarke added that he goes swimming up to three times a week. 

For more information, check out Driver Hire’s online guide.