To make sure its latest Volvo FH 460 stands out, Bowker Transport has given it a one-off paint job.

The new fleet addition celebrates a 50-year relationship between Volvo Trucks and Bowker, therefore, gold was used on the cab.

In total, Preston-based Bowker has 225 vehicles and 450 trailers. 

Furthermore, with over a million square feet of warehousing, it is one of the UK’s biggest family-owned transport companies. 

The company has been in business for more than a century, however it has only worked with three truck manufacturers. 

For the past five decades, the dominant supplier to the fleet has been Volvo. 

Bill Bowker, director at Bowker Group, said customer input was vital to the success of the relationship. 

“We are very grateful for the help, support and assistance we have received from several key people. 

“Both in Gothenburg and Warwick as well as staff from our local dealer Thomas Hardie Commercials. 

Continuing, Bowker said Volvo was partly chosen because of the company’s safety record. 

However, he added that having the best products on the market means Volvo stands out.

“As far as we are concerned, we made the right decision,” he added. 

“The relationship has grown and developed over the years. 

“It is a true partnership and collectively we both have the track record to prove it.” 

Meanwhile, the new FH at Bowker Transport features I-Save, with ‘1972-2022’ written on the cab to recognise the anniversary.

The new truck features Volvo’s D13TC Step E engine, with 460hp and up to 2,600Nm of torque.

Inside, Volvo’s Drive+ package brings a number or extra attributes to the cab.

For example, there’s an adjustable steering wheel, tinted glass roof hatch and electrically controlled air-con.

There’s also DAB radio and navigation, as well as an under-bunk mounted fridge freezer.