The Gist driving academy is to be expanded to help train and examine prospective truck drivers. 

In other words, the operation will be doing its bit to ease the ongoing driver shortage.

As a result, truck drivers will be encouraged to train at the Gist driving academy.

The Gist set of in-house instructors and examiners will support applicants through the programme.

Potentially, drivers could gain Cat C or C+E licenses in seven to 14 days.

The Gist driving academy opened its doors in October 2021.

Initially, the focus was on training up existing drivers. 

However, it has now been expanded to anyone with a full UK driving licence and at least two years’ experience.

The successful applicants who gain their C+E licence will be rewarded with a  number of benefits. 

For example, they will receive competitive pay, with Gist funding all training costs and fees associated with obtaining the licence. 

In addition, they will also get travel and accommodation costs during the training.

The overall support package is expected to save individuals up to £5,000 when compared to self-funding.

The company anticipates the Gist driving academy will deliver up to 100 newly qualified HGV drivers for the company each year.

This figure is expected to rise in future years to help ease the pressure on the industry.

Julian Bailey, MD, temperature controlled logistics at Gist, explained more: 

“The Gist driving academy has already had great success,” he said. 

“I’m delighted we’re expanding the programme to train and develop the next generation of commercial drivers.” 

Continuing, he confirmed that new drivers can transition from car driving to Category C+E licence in two weeks.

“The logistics industry is still tackling a nationwide HGV driver shortage,” he added.

“Therefore, I’m thrilled that our in-house academy is playing a vital role in addressing that.”