scania gas1Scania has introduced two new nine-litre Euro 6 gas engines which it said offers exceptional performance for trucks. The Swedish vehicle-maker said maximum torque ratings are remarkably high for an Otto combustion engine, which facilitates new applications beyond urban operation.

With what Scania claims as ‘diesel-like’ drivability, the new gas engines – which run on compressed or liquified natural gas or biogas – can also be used for applications such as regional distribution or long haulage. The operating range of a tractor unit can be almost doubled with the optional liquid gas tank set-up – from 600 up to around 1100 km – which can be delivered ex-factory on trucks.

Spark plugs are mounted in water-cooled sleeves to further enhance service life. Spark plug replacement intervals approaching 50,000 km are likely in most applications.

Silent running is another gas engine hallmark, which may enable customers to make low-noise night deliveries in sensitive areas. Gas vehicles may also benefit from lower taxation or local environmental incentives.

Scania gas engines are available with automatic Allison transmission for trucks, with or without integrated retarder.