Renault has achieved a fuel consumption reduction of up to 10% thanks to new engine technology.

The manufacturer is equipping its T, T High, C and K ranges with new DE11 and DE13 engines. 

Furthermore, the trucks will feature advanced technologies, such as Turbo Compound.

In addition, for improved combustion, the DE11 and DE13 engines feature patented ‘wave piston’ technology. 

Specifically, the system redirects the flames inside the combustion bowl. 

As a result, better use is made of available oxygen and therefore better combustion is achieved. 

The engines are also equipped with new injectors with improved precision. 

Meanwhile, Renault Trucks has also focused on reducing frictional losses to improve efficiency. 

For example, connecting rods, pistons and the crankshaft have been redesigned.

In addition, crankcase gas control has been optimised. 

A new high-performance ball-bearing turbocharger with improved response time has been developed.

Also, there’s a new variable flow oil pump combined with low-viscosity oil.

Finally, Renault Trucks has opted for an optimised post-treatment system and a new engine control unit.

The Renault Trucks T, T High and C can be fitted as an option with the DE13 TC engine, featuring Turbo Compound technology. 

Specifically, this means a fuel consumption reduction without compromising manoeuvrability or commercial speed.

An additional turbine converts the residual energy contained in the exhaust gases into mechanical energy. 

Then, it transmits it to the crankshaft in the form of additional engine torque.

Therefore, Turbo Compound therefore allows higher levels of torque to be achieved at lower engine speeds. 

On the motorway, under cruise control, and when driving uphill, constant speed can be maintained without needing to downshift.

Finally, the vehicles are equipped with the new generation Optidriver gearbox. 

This technology incorporates a new calculator, new control software and a new clutch actuator.