Essential items have been delivered to Ukraine, helped by Freightline, to support the humanitarian crisis in the country. 

Specifically, the logistics company helped deliver a truck stacked with supplies.

Furthermore, Freightline worked with its client Norgren on the initiative.

The essential items were loaded into a 40ft trailer and taken to Poland.

From there, they will be distributed throughout the war-torn country. 

Carl Tipping, key account manager at Freightline, explained how the situation arose.

“We wanted to do something to help Ukraine,” he said. 

“Therefore, when our friends at Norgren approached us, we jumped at the chance.

“Urgent and time-critical logistics is what we do best.” 

The goods onboard covered a wide range of products that are in short supply in Ukraine. 

For example, the essential items included nappies, wet wipes and clothing and sleeping bags. 

In addition, many foods such as pasta and tinned fruit were also collected. 

In total, some 17 pallets were packed onto the trailer by Freightline.

Importantly, Tipping is used to working around the clock to support clients tight deadlines.

As a result, he and his colleagues thought nothing of working late to get the job done.

Meanwhile, the truck arrived in Poland just four days after the initial collection of products. 

Thankfully, Freightline was able to quickly process the paperwork and documents.

“The essential items are hopefully already making a difference,” said Tipping.

Continuing, he stated that “everyone in our team was so keen to help”.

Freightline provides a range of logistics services.

In particular, it specialises in urgent and time-critical logistics.

“Few things are as urgent as helping people in Ukraine,” said Tipping.  

“Therefore, I’m pleased we were able to arrange the transportation as swiftly as we did.”

Freightline helps get essential items to people in Ukraine