A Freedom of Information request revealed 62% of UK test centres have waiting lists of at least 11 weeks. 

Meanwhile, some test centres are facing a delay of 24 weeks.

The FOI was requested by HGV training company, Driver Hire Training. 

Specifically, it investigated how long the current driving test waiting periods are across the UK. 

The news comes as furlough ends and the driver shortage continues.

Changes planned by the government can’t come soon enough for some.

For example, the study revealed the average waiting time across all UK test centres was nine weeks. 

Furthermore, the highest waiting times were found in Aberdeen and Lerwick. 

In those locations, the waiting time 24 weeks for a HGV driving test.

However, one in five test centres only had a waiting time of one to four weeks, said the Freedom of Information reveal. 

Therefore, there is at least some evidence showing that waiting times are starting to clear up in some areas.

For example, test centres where waiting times are currently the shortest (one week) included Carlisle, Chelmsford and Lincoln.

In addition, sites in Plymouth and Taunton also only had a one-week wait.

John Keelan-Edwards, from Driver Hire Training, was concerned about the figures.

“Key shopping dates, such as Black Friday, are always a busy time for the supply chain.

“We can guarantee this is only going to be adding more pressure to the supply chain as a whole,” he warned.

“The government are changing rules to HGV tests to help pass eager drivers through their exams quicker.

“However, it’s no surprise to see the waiting list for these exams is still up to 24 weeks in some areas. 

Concluding, Keelan-Edwards said there was a positive.

“The mass appreciation the public have gained for skilled commercial drivers has been fantastic to see!”