Scottish laundry and textile rental company, Fishers, has turned to Fraikin for support across its entire commercial vehicle fleet, managing 60 rigid trucks previously supplied via another provider.

Fraikin acquired a mixture of 7.5-tonne, 15-tonne and 18-tonne vehicles directly from Fishers, using them to structure a new full-service contract hire agreement. The company has also placed orders for a further 18 15-tonne trucks, which are set to replace existing vehicles in the fleet over the next 12 months.

Lucy Renaut, Group Finance Director at Fishers, says: “Fraikin has worked hard to understand our exact requirements, stepping in to ensure our fleet stayed fully operational and on the road. The team have also worked closely with us to help get our new vehicle orders in the bank for 2023. We couldn’t be happier with the service to-date.”

The new agreement gives Fishers the benefits associated with contract hire, includind scheduled vehicle maintenance and repair work, alongside dedicated 24/7 support from the Fraikin team.

The new Fishers trucks will all be equipped with Fraikin’s suite of connected technologies, including SMARTFLEET, FraikinView and a 360-degree camera setup. Combined, these offer real-time visibility and subsequent analysis on metrics including distance travelled, fuel efficiency and driver behaviour, as well as accurate predictive maintenance scheduling, alongside breakdown and repair tracking and monitoring.

John Cooper, Business Development Manager at Fraikin, says: “Working closely with the Fishers team we have been able to utilise our industry experience to ensure its commercial vehicle fleet has remained on the road and ready to serve their customers. We’re excited to be at the start of this new relationship which we hope will develop over the coming years.”

Fishers’ commercial vehicle fleet operates seven days a week, transporting laundry to and from the company’s four sites in Coatbridge near Glasgow, Prestonhall near St Andrews, Livingston and Newcastle to hospitality, industry, healthcare and cleanroom businesses.

Fishers Laundry Services works across Scotland and the north of England processing up to two million items per week.