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Fogmaker International AB, one of the leading global suppliers of fire suppression systems for engine compartments and enclosed spaces, has announced the acquisition of Siveb Oy’s assets through Fogmaker Finland Oy.

The acquisition marks a significant milestone in strengthening Fogmaker International’s foothold in the Finnish market. Employees of Siveb Oy will continue their employment under Fogmaker Finland Oy. The team brings excellent knowledge and experience in the area and unlocks new possibilities in the market. The focus will be to serve a more comprehensive range of customers and drive further growth. The acquisition effectively meets the evolving needs of customers in the region, delivering advanced and comprehensive fire suppression solutions worldwide and providing various sectors with customised industrialised solutions that meet their specific needs.

“We are thrilled about the acquisition and its expanded opportunities to Fogmaker International. It will strengthen our presence further and better serve our valued customers in the region. The acquisition is a significant step towards achieving our vision of creating safer environments globally,” said Lars Alrutz, CEO of Fogmaker International.

“We are delighted to join the Fogmaker International family. We have known the company for a long time and know the excellent products and the company culture they represent. We will be able to provide our customers with even more innovative solutions and increased value. We are excited to embark on this new chapter and look forward to a successful partnership,” said Kristian Lindström, the owner of Siveb Oy.

“We are proud of Fogmaker International’s acquisition and the strategic expansion it signifies. Fogmaker International’s strong market position aligns perfectly with our growth ambitions. We are excited about the opportunities this acquisition brings and look forward to the continued success of Fogmaker International,” says Lars Fredin, Group CEO of Dacke Industri and Chairman of Fogmaker International.

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