Fleet tech updated

Scania has upgraded its Fleet Management system to enable operators to track vehicles with more accuracy. Previously, the system updated the position of trucks in 10-minute intervals. But now, it will report vehicle location every minute for operators who sign up for the service.

“In frantic and erratic city traffic, 10 minutes of driving can make a big difference for a distribution vehicle,” said Scania Fleet Management boss, Karin Rådström. “With minute-by-minute updates, the message gets through quickly if a vehicle is following its schedule or if it is stuck in traffic.”

Additionally, Scania has added a new Fuelling Report function that automatically updates and compiles data regarding how vehicles were fuelled, making them available in the Fleet Management portal. The summary should make it easier for hauliers to check the accuracy of fuel invoices.

Finally, all trucks fitted with Scania’s Communicator device can now calculate their own total weight. The information is taken from several components, including the engine management system, and an estimated weight is provided after driving 20 km.