Harrisons Transport has taken delivery of five new Volvo FH 460s, complete with iI-Save tractor units.

The trucks are equipped with Globetrotter XL cabs and were chosen because of impressive fuel economy returns.

Specifically, a previous batch of FH 460s averaged 11mpg since they entered service in 2019.

Therefore, Harrisons Transport was very keen to repeat the deal and ensure that level of economy could be maintained.

The new trucks have been supplied by Thomas Hardie Commercials.

In addition, two of the 6×2 models will be paired with refrigerated trailers, the others used for container work.

In other words, it was essential that Harrisons Transport keep fuel consumption down to ensure low running costs.

Each truck is fitted with a D13TC Euro 6 Step D engine.

As a result, it offers turbo-compounding and fuel-saving features to keep consumption down.

The trucks’ I-Save technology is optimised for long-haul operations. 

For example, it includes I-See predictive cruise control that adapts to the road ahead.

Meanwhile, the vehicles also have I-Cruise and I-Roll, which adjust speeds to maintain the optimal fuel consumption.

Lee Harrison, owner of Harrisons Transport, said he was delighted with his new fleet members.

“The fuel returns we’ve seen from these Volvo turbo compound engines is very good,” he explained. 

“We originally took on eight back in 2019 and they’ve averaged around 11mpg, which we are very happy with.

“We work our trucks hard; the three on container duties will be covering around 130,000km each year. 

“And, the two pulling reefers will be more towards 200,000km a year with the drivers working four days on, four days off.”

The five new trucks are backed with Volvo Gold Contracts. 

As a result, the servicing and maintenance is to be carried out at Thomas Hardie Commercials’ Preston depot.