Specialist cattle bedding and related products from Platts Transport are now being delivered by Mercedes-Benz trucks.

The operator initially trialled demonstrator vehicles, having never previously run trucks from the German manufacturer. 

Subsequently, it ordered five Actros L tractors from eStar Truck & Van.

The Platts Transport team found them impressively fuel-efficient and, in addition, they won positive feedback from drivers.

Platts Transport is part of the Platts Group, which also comprises Platts Agriculture and Platts Commercial Services. 

Having operated its own truck fleet for years, the Group launched Platts Transport as a stand-alone venture in 2020. 

Specifically, it was designed to serve other companies needing logistics services during the first Covid lockdown. 

As a result, the operator was able to safeguard colleagues’ jobs throughout the pandemic.

A real success story, Platts Transport continues to support its sister company. 

However, it has also built an impressive – and growing – portfolio of third-party haulage customers.  

 In fact, there are 28 vehicles in the fleet, most of which come from a Swedish brand. 

However, the company was looking at its options and decided to add Mercedes-Benz products into the mix.

The Platts Transport Actros Ls are all 2545 variants with flat-floored BigSpace cabs.

Each is powered by a 12.8-litre in-line six-cylinder engine 450hp.

When working for Platts Agriculture they collect raw materials and deliver to dairy farmers nationwide. 

Baled bedding is carried in curtainsiders, while walking-floor trailers are used for loose, bulk product. 

The MD of the family business, Chris Whittaker has been impressed with the vehicles as well as the aftersales service.

“The workshop team are never late or too early when calling the Actros Ls in for their six-weekly inspections,” he said.

“We were looking for more fuel-efficient vehicles and the Actros Ls are certainly living up to their promise.”