First Ts for Saville’sBristol-based Saville’s Freights Ltd has taken delivery of six new Range T460 6×2 mid-lift tractor units. Supplied by Renault Trucks South West, the Range Ts are replacements for MAN, Iveco, Mercedes-Benz and Renault vehicles in the company’s 29-strong fleet.

The Range Ts are being used for a variety of general haulage tasks for Saville’s Freights’ customers across the UK, Europe and beyond.

“Our business has a long-standing relationship with Renault Trucks South West and this was an important factor in our decision to bring the new vehicles on board,” said Saville’s Freights’ director, Darren Saville. “It’s been a few years since we’ve had new Renaults, but I was particularly impressed when we test-drove the vehicle and was convinced it was well suited to our business, providing value for money and that it will deliver good fuel efficiency over time.”

Saville said it’s still early days for the vehicles, but so far they have been performing well. “Overall, our drivers are really happy with the Range T’s new cab improvements and have also commented they can see a marked improvement in the engine’s performance, and are particularly complimentary about the way the engine pulls,” he said.