West Coast Woodfuels has increased its fleet to three trucks with the addition of a Volvo FH Tridem.

The new truck boasts a hydraulically steered pusher axle and tag axle with single wheels.

As a result, it is able to get into very tight spaces, which is useful given some of the sites the trucks visit.

The 32-tonne FH Tridem was also been specified with driver comfort and performance in mind. 

For example, it features Volvo’s Drive package and also the Living+ package with single bunk.

In addition, drivers of the new truck benefit from the Media and Visibility packs.

The latter features rain sensing wipers and a kerb view mirror on the passenger side.

Roddy Danabie, operations manager at West Coast Woodfuels explained the FH Tridem decision.

“I’m a Volvo man through-and-through; there’s little else worth buying, provided the price is sensible,” he said. 

“The focus was on maximising payload capacity, while still being able to get into sites with very limited access. 

Continuing, Danabie even described the FH Tridem as ‘exceptional’. 

“It’s been spec’d to go into sites where we know 26-tonne refuse collection vehicles can struggle. 

“However, we can comfortably get in on four axles thanks to careful chassis selection and Volvo Dynamic Steering.” 

Meanwhile, the driver of the new truck is also delighted with the addition. 

“He can literally turn the wheel with his little finger when manoeuvring, it’s that easy and makes such a difference,” revealed Danabie. 

“The FH will only cover 50,000km a year, but a lot of that will be on poor quality roads. 

“Therefore, we need a truck we can rely on. 

“It’s also why we’ve specified LED headlamps, front fog lights and a light bar.

“On these roads, the more light we have in front of us, the better,” reasoned Danabie.