Collier Haulage of Pontypool only came into being in 2010, but the recent delivery of five Volvo FH500 6×2 tractor units with Globetrotter XL cabs, supplied by Truck and Bus Wales & West, Newport, has seen the company’s fleet grow to 18 trucks with a further four on order.

“From day one I’ve relied on Volvo,” said Collier Haulage managing director, Gregg Griffiths. “My first truck in 2010 was a used Volvo FH460. It was basically just me and the truck – I drove, in the main delivering empty pallets and exhibition stands, and the cab doubled-up as my office.”

Gregg Griffiths attributes the company’s rapid development to the customer service he and his team provide. “I have always striven to do what customers want and when they want it,” he said. “This, combined with a degree of good fortune, I guess, has enabled the company to grow exponentially over the past six years.”

The company soon established itself as a general haulier and now provides national coverage. “From me and my FH460, we’ve grown more than I could have imagined,” said Gregg. “We now have 21 employees and the entire fleet comprises FH tractor units with two-year R&M contracts at the dealership in Newport.

“Put simply,” he added, “Volvo trucks work and I’m not going to change something that’s not broken. I certainly think Volvo build better trucks than other manufacturers, and this is borne out through their reliability. Furthermore, the I-Shift automated transmission is simply the best on the market, bar none.”