A bespoke Iveco X-Way has joined the FCH Construction Services fleet as the business looked to add muscle.

The new model will be required to carry and load heavy cargo, therefore a special kind of truck was required.

As a result, the operator worked with Iveco dealer AM Phillip Trucktech and The Thompson Group on the spec.

The X-Way 8×4 Tridem with rear-wheel-steer features a rear mount bucket crane and two-way tipper body. 

Furthermore, it is powered by the Cursor 11 460hp diesel, mated to a 12-speed gearbox. 

Aside from the conventional elements, FCS Construction Services selected a number of specialist options for the X-Way. 

For example, it features rugged tyres, an increased ride height and underbody protection.

The truck will be loading and unloading pipework in some challenging conditions. 

Therefore, Thomspon Group were tasked with coming up with a bespoke bodywork solution.

The 12-cubic metre box is capable of tipping on either side of the truck via a set of hydraulic doors. 

This layout enables the driver to remotely activate the whole tipping operation to ensure total operator safety. 

A manual redundancy tipper door feature, meanwhile, has also been integrated to ensure the X-Way is always operational.

Continuing the spec, an Epsilon M135L HPLS rear crane, features on the FCH Construction Services vehicle. 

It comes complete with stabilisers and a reach of over 9m, helping it lift 750kg at full extension. 

Fraser Hart, MD, FCH Construction Services MD reflected on the five-month process of designing and building the truck. 

“Our vehicles have a tough life and work in a challenging environment,” he explained. 

“We’re confident this new Iveco addition to the fleet will further add to the level of service we provide to customers.”

FCH Construction Services currently runs a fleet of over 30 commercial vehicles.