Scania and Einride have signed a deal for 110 electric trucks.

The order is the largest of its kind for Scania.

In addition, the heavy duty truck deal between Scania and Einride is the start of a collaborative product development partnership.

Swedish freight technology company Einride is a leading provider of end-to-end services. 

The company’s solutions include digital, electric and autonomous shipping. 

The rollout of the 110 Scania trucks will begin in the second half of 2022. 

Interestingly, Einride already has one of Europe’s largest heavy duty electric fleets. 

Therefore, the additions will only increase its market presence.

Scania will build the electric trucks to Einride’s hardware specifications. 

Meanwhile, they will be powered by Einride’s operating system, Saga. 

The ‘first of its kind’ technology ensures electric shipping is efficient and optimised.

In other words, fleet data insights are generated through the Saga platform. 

Then, the information is provided to Scania for continued product co-development between the teams. 

Commenting, Ellen Kugelberg, chief product officer, Einride was delighted with the agreement. 

“We are looking forward to the beginning of this vital partnership as we expand across Europe. 

“These 110 trucks will make a substantial contribution to increasing our fleet,” said Kugelberg. 

“In addition, we will continue to join forces with renowned industry players such as Scania to drive innovation and product development in the global transport industry.”

Scania and Einride are keen to stress the size of the order for heavy duty EVs.

Also, the duo talked up the beginning of a new long-term partnership. 

“We share the same vision of decarbonising heavy transport,” Fredrik Allard, head of e-mobility, Scania. 

Concluding, he said: ”It has been rewarding to work with Einride on joint new technical solutions and digital services.”

The fleet of 110 Scania trucks will all be operational by mid-2023.