Euro 6 Eurocargo breaks cover

Italian truck manufacturer Iveco has launched a new version of its versatile Eurocargo medium-range truck to meet the imminent Euro 6 emissions regulations.

The new vehicle carries on Iveco’s unique EGR-free Euro 6 mission, with Eurocargo’s new Tector 5 and 7 engines featuring FPT Industrial’s patented High Efficiency SCR (HI-eSCR) after treatment technology claimed to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by over 95 per cent without using exhaust gas recirculation (EGR).

The four-cylinder, 4.5-litre Tector 5 engines are offered in 160, 190 and 210 bhp flavours, with the 210 bhp version delivering 750 Nm of torque at 1400-1800 rpm. The six-cylinder, 6.7-litre Tector 7 lumps produce 220, 250, 280 and 320 bhp, with the top-power option delivering 1100 Nm at 1250-1900 rpm.

Iveco said its new Eurocargo offers an extensive range of transmissions. There are six manual ZF gearboxes with five, six or nine gears; four automated Eurotronic ZF gearboxes with six or 12 gears; and three Allison automatic transmissions with five gears. All models can be spec’d with either a manual, automatic or automated gearbox.
An engine brake is also standard across the ]range.

Fuel economy has been improved, with the four-cylinder, 210 bhp Euro 6 engine achieving a 4.5 per cent reduction in diesel use in comparison to the previous six-cylinder, 220 bhp Euro 5 version. Iveco said service intervals of 80,000 km for the Euro 6 trucks remain unchanged from Euro 5.

The new Eurocargo can be spec’d with a day cab for distribution and short-radius deliveries; a sleeper cab with low or high roof and one or two bunks for longer distances; or a double cabin with room enough to accommodate a driver plus six passengers, particularly suited to construction work.

Iveco is offering Eurocargo in 14 weight versions from six to 19 tonnes, with a choice of 15 wheelbases from 2790 to
6570 mm, and 4×2 or 4×4 configurations.

Models taken with the 4×4 set-up can be fitted with a reinforced steel bumper, retractable access steps and a toughened radiator cover.

The Euro 6 Eurocargo is available to order now.