An electric truck chassis, using production specification parts, has been debuted by Volta Trucks.

The prototype platform has been developed by the startup truck manufacturer in six months.

As a result, Volta Trucks says it remains on course to hit its production start date of December 2022.

The electric truck chassis will be fitted to Volta’s 16-tonne battery-powered urban delivery vehicle, the Zero.

Therefore, Volta is seeing the introduction of this component as an important milestone for the brand.

The powertrain components that will be deployed in the production chassis have been integrated at this stage of development.

For example, there is a high-voltage battery from Proterra and an eAxle from Meritor.

Importantly, Zero will be the first commercial vehicle to use an eAxle to boost efficiency and vehicle range.

Furthermore the technology will be proved over the coming months at various proving grounds.

In addition, the company will gather real-world information from a fleet of trucks tested by customers in late 2021.

These vehicles will enable Volta engineers to get a better understanding of how the Zero will perform after launch.

Volta’s CEO, Essa Al-Saleh, stressed the importance of the electric truck chassis announcement.

“The prototype will provide our designers and engineers with feedback and real-world data.

Meanwhile, Al-Saleh praised the design and engineering teams for their speed of development. 

“In six months, we have designed and developed a running prototype chassis.

“In 18 months from now, we will be building series production vehicles for our customers. 

This is what they need, this is the speed they need us to work at, and this is what we’ll deliver.” 

Full-scale production of customer-specification vehicles are due to begin at the end of 2022.