An electric heavy truck concept dedicated to urban logistics has been unveiled.

The vehicle has been created by Renault Trucks, in partnership with Geodis.

Specifically, the aim of the future vision was to look at the requirement of city-centre freight transport.

In addition, the focus of the heavy truck concept was to explore comparable costs of diesel and electric power.

Renault Trucks recognises the changes that are taking place in urban logistics and transport.

For example, there are new emission regulations and restricted access for many vehicles. 

Meanwhile, there are more mobility types sharing the space.

For example, trucks are competing with cargo bikes, bicycles and scooters for space.

Therefore, the electric heavy truck concept comes at an important time for the industry. 

The collaboration between Renault and Geodis builds on the former’s range of electric vehicles.

The combined know-how will help develop the 16-tonne electric urban truck, at a comparable cost (TCO) to that of a diesel vehicle. 

Thereby, it is meeting one of the prerequisites for the widespread adoption of alternative power units.

Marie-Christine Lombard, Geodis’ CEO highlighted the need for change. 

“The implementation of low-emission zones in major French cities mean we urgently need to step up the decarbonisation of transport,” she said. 

“Therefore, we want to quickly provide concrete answers to the issue of sustainable urban logistics.”

Meanwhile, Bruno Blin, president of Renault Trucks, explained more about the heavy truck concept. 

“The purpose of the project is to design a truck that will seamlessly blend into the urban landscape. 

“This new truck will be designed for the driver’s working comfort and safety, and for the safety of city dwellers.”

The prototype is set to be delivered at the end of 2022.

Following that, it will be trialled for urban deliveries in Paris in 2023.