Volvo has launched new versions of its FL and FE trucks which the Swedish manufacturer said are now even easier to drive in city conditions where the demand is for fast, smooth and clean transport.

The new trucks feature an enhanced driver environment, and the Volvo FL range is now extended with a competitive four-cylinder, five-litre engine.

“Drivers often climb into and out of their trucks many times on each shift. That’s why we’ve focused on creating a comfortable, convenient driver’s environment with good visibility in every direction,” said Claes Nilsson, president, Volvo Trucks.

The cab has been improved with clearer instrumentation and new ergonomic seats featuring an integrated headrest and safety belt. A reinforced seat and seat anchoring in the floor help improve safety in the event of an accident.

Two new, in-house designed five- and eight-litre engines are offered. The new six-cylinder D8 engine has a displacement of 7.7 litres and is available with a choice of three power outputs: 320 bhp (1200 Nm), 280 bhp (1050 Nm) and 250 bhp (950 Nm). The Volvo FL is also available with the compact four-cylinder D5 engine, which has a displacement of 5.1 litres and comes with power outputs of 240 bhp (900 Nm) and 210 bhp (800 Nm).

“With their swift torque delivery at low revs, both engines are ideal for quick, comfortable and safe driving in cities and suburbs. Their easy driveability helps drivers keep up with tight work schedules and multiple transport assignments,” said Ruddy Houtmeyers, strategic product manager for medium duty vehicles, Volvo Trucks.

“These engines meet the new Euro 6 emission requirements and their fuel consumption is on a par with our Euro 5 engines. The technological solution for meeting the Euro 6 demands is a combination of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and variable turbo geometry, a cooled EGR system and a particulate filter.”

Among various transmission options, it is now possible to equip the Volvo FE with the I-Shift automated gearbox.

Another new feature for drivers is ESP (Electronic Stability Program), which is now fitted as standard to both the Volvo FL and the Volvo FE.

Volvo has also designed a new 12-tonne version of the Volvo FL, which has the most powerful engine in its segment (four-cylinder D5 with 240 bhp), specially optimised I-Sync transmission and weighs 500 kg less than a corresponding truck with a six-cylinder engine.

“The new 12-tonner is a sharp contender in the largest European medium-duty segment. The truck is lighter, lower and more competitively priced than the current model. It increases productivity and efficiency at the same time as it offers the driver better working conditions,” Bergman said.