TIP’s new ‘Earned Recognition by TIP’ service has gained DVSA validation in its efforts for reducing downtime. 

The service supports transport operators that are interested in attaining ‘exemplar’ status through the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme.

Earned Recognition by TIP has been designed to make life easier for operators who can get bogged down with compliance. 

For example, it replaces data entry, manages documentation and monitors maintenance KPIs. 

As a result, TIP customers are able to focus more on their core business  activities. 

The approach of helping customers achieve and retain Earned Recognition status comes with dedicated TIP support.

In addition, users get around the clock access to an Earned Recognition platform. 

That platform has enabled TIP to become a validated IT supplier for the DVSA scheme.

Mike Furnival, managing Director UK&I, TIP Trailer Services was delighted with the DVSA validation. 

“We were keen to ensure that we could provide an effective solution to support customer needs,” he stated.

“Using ‘Earned Recognition by TIP’ will enable operators to reap the benefits of being in the DVSA scheme.”

Specifically, Furnival highlighted reduced roadside or on-site inspections as two benefits of using the service.

“The Scheme helps reduce costly ‘downtime’ for operators, while improving safety on our roads through,” he added.

Meanwhile the system boasts a ‘visually appealing dashboard’ according to TIP, which helps operators easily see how they’re performing.  

“It helps them to demonstrate to the DVSA that they have effective processes in place when it comes to maintaining vehicles,” added Furnival.

The DVSA Earned Recognition scheme is free and voluntary to join. 

Operators effectively manage their own compliance, in terms of maintenance and driving hours, in return for various benefits.

For further information on ‘Earned Recognition by TIP’, go to https://www.tipeurope.co.uk/fleet-services/earned-recognition.