Drivers drilled in first aid

A new scheme is being launched that aims to boost the image of the road transport industry and contribute significantly to the survival prospects the victims of road traffic accidents.

Driver First Assist (DFA), which has the active support of all three emergency services and the NHS, aims to train professional drivers (starting with truck drivers, but later rolling out to bus, coach and car fleet drivers) in basic first aid techniques which could be deployed at the scene of an accident, providing vital initial assistance.

DFA’s David Higginbottom said: “The first few minutes after an RTA are critical, and that is the time – before the police, ambulance and fire services arrive – when many casualties would greatly benefit from the attention of someone trained in basic first aid.

“It’s virtually certain a professional driver will be among the first on the scene. We aim to train some of those drivers to give assistance – a highly visible symbol of the road transport industry’s positive role in society.”

DFA said it is now actively seeking long-term sponsorship partners to turn its vision into a reality.