Driver offences committed by truckers have been revealed by the DVSA.

The details emerged during last week’s Road Safety Week.

Furthermore, offences have been listed against operator name and licence number. 

DVSA issued the guidance as a statement.

‘While many operators take road safety very seriously, we need to protect you and other road users from those who don’t,’ it said.

In addition, it added that it plans to ‘share non-compliance data more widely on a range of road safety issues’. 

Therefore, it believes, operators will be encouraged to stay legal and safe.

Importantly, the data shows that some operators are persistent offenders. 

For example, some EU operators received the majority of prohibitions. 

Incredibly, some overseas operators have hundreds of driver offences against their operator licence.

However, DVSA has developed targeting regimes that make it less commercially viable to continue to operate in this way. 

Also, it is working with officials in the worst offending countries to help address this.

This data only shows offences detected at the roadside by DVSA. 

Therefore, it doesn’t include the offences DVSA found during visits to operator sites. 

Nor does it take into account desk-based assessments.

These would, says DVSA, increase the number of GB operator offences.

DVSA has limited access to non-GB sites or documentation on overseas vehicle compliance. 

As a result, it targets 31% of roadside checks at British operators and 69% at overseas operators.

At the same time, operators, whether registered in Britain or oversees, will range in size. 

Similarly, larger operators could naturally be represented in the statistics more than smaller operators.

The data does not include any offences picked up by the police.

DVSA makes it clear that prohibitions shown will have already been seen by operators.

In other words, any dispute should therefore have already been dealt with.