Fans of Scania 6×4 and 8x4s have a new liftable and dis-engageable tandem bogie (LDTA) axle to consider.

Offering fuel savings of up to 3%, the tandem bogie axle has an optional lift-and-disengage function. The new unit is available to order now in conjunction with the RB662/R660 axle family.

Scania believes the new axle is especially suitable for applications involving unladen or light loads. When raised, the bogie reduces turning radius of the vehicle by as much as 70mm, using a standard setup.

Operated via air suspension, the LDTA increases truck kerbweight by 60kg, while the lifting process takes just 25 seconds. There are many other benefits offered by the axle, which has been introduced – in part – due to customer demands.

“This is a desirable function for customers in a variety of applications,” said Vincente Connolly, UK Sales Director, Scania. He points to industries such as construction and timber haulage that could benefit the most. 

Most of the fuel savings are gained from reduced friction inside the second (disconnected) axle gearing. Scania estimates around 10% of savings are derived from reduced rolling resistance.

In operation, the driver raises the axle by simply turning a knob. In the case of an overload, a pop-up warning appears on the dashboard and the axle won’t lift. 

When the tag axle is lowered, drive to the axle is automatically re-engaged. The system ensures that vehicle operation is not possible with tag lowered and drive disengaged.

“The cost of the unit will rapidly be compensated for by highly positive contribution to our customers’ total operating economy,” added Connolly. “We expect this option to be included in many truck specifications going forward,”