Diffuser could save fuel

HGV component manufacturer JOST UK has launched a new SDR roof diffuser which is claimed to significantly improve fuel economy by reducing air turbulence. JOST said its new SDR diffuser is a “highly efficient airflow system” which can be installed on any design of trailer, including refrigerated, box and curtainsiders, where it reduces the air turbulence at the rear of the vehicle.

By reducing the drag created by turbulent air flow, JOST said the diffuser can deliver fuel savings of up to four per cent – a claim it said has been verified by extensive field tests by vehicle manufacturers and transport companies.

Aside from fuel savings, JOST said its SDR diffuser also makes further improvements during wet conditions by reducing dirt build-up on the rear of the vehicle, and also improves the driving conditions for vehicles travelling behind the trailer, as less spray is generated. JOST’s patented, aerodynamic airflow system can be installed as an aftermarket accessory to a wide range of trailers and is maintenance-free following installation. In addition, it can be painted to match company liveries.

JOST said that once in place, the diffuser can deliver up to 1.4 litres per 100 km in fuel savings, which equates to 2100 litres saved per year based on an annual distance of 150,000 km, depending on factors such as driving speed, tyres, route profile, etc.