A cooperation agreement has been agreed between DHL and Volvo Trucks.

The deal will help accelerate the shift to zero exhaust emission vehicles. 

Essentially, the Deutsche Post DHL Group is looking to move into heavy electric trucks. 

As a result, it intends to deploy some 44 new electric Volvo trucks on routes in Europe. 

“Several of our divisions will benefit from this agreement with Volvo Trucks.” 

That’s the message from Pablo Ciano, from Deutsche Post DHL Group. 

“The intended order includes 40 electric Volvo FE and Volvo FLs.” 

Specifically, the trucks will be used for package deliveries in urban transport. 

Continuing, Ciano stated: “Electric trucks for longer routes are also part of the scope.

“Therefore, DHL has decided to begin using Volvo trucks for regional distribution.

DHL and Volvo trucks said that this process would start with four FM Electrics. 

The first trucks have been ordered already – six by DHL Parcel UK and two by DHL Freight. 

As a result, the new vehicles will help deliver annual savings of nearly 600 tonnes of CO2.

Furthermore, it will also save nearly 225,000 litres of diesel for Deutsche Post DHL Group. 

“We are committed to meet growing customer demand for green and sustainable solutions,” added Ciano. 

Meanwhile, an important factor the deal between DHL and Volvo Trucks was the positive experience between the two companies.

For example, an FL Electric has been operating in London since November 2020. 

Essentially, it has been successfully making last mile deliveries into the West End shopping district. 

The vehicle was the very first fully electric commercial heavy truck used for urban logistics in the UK. 

Roger Alm, Volvo Trucks president, explained more.

“DHL is an important global logistics provider, committed to reducing its impact on climate change. 

“Together we can make a difference for the better.