A total of 16 Volvo VNR Electric Class 8 trucks are heading to Southern California’s Performance Team.

The distribution team has placed what is the largest commercial order for the VNR electric trucks.

The operator will use the vehicles for local and regional freight distribution.

As a result, the EVs will all be in service throughout the north American region. 

In addition, there are further benefits of the new trucks for the wider community, says Volvo.

For example, the quality of life will be improved thanks to more decarbonised and quiet transport on the roads.

Meanwhile, drivers will benefit from a cleaner, more comfortable working environment.

Peter Voorhoeve, president of Volvo Trucks North America, said the move was exciting.

“Performance Team is leading the way with its largest order of the only battery-electric Class 8 model in scalable serial production today,” he said. 

Furthermore, Voorhoeve added that Performance Team demonstrated a “strong commitment” to environmental sustainability. 

Concluding, he said: “This is another great step forward in reducing the trucking industry’s overall carbon footprint.” 

Performance Team Company is participating in a State of California South Coast Air Quality Management District grant. 

Specifically, the aim is to cut transport emissions. 

For example, replacing diesel trucks with electric trucks is one measure being taken. 

Jason Walker, from Performance Team, welcomed the Volvo VNR Electric Class 8 trucks.

“We’re seeing a 30% growth rate in our warehousing and distribution business,” he said. 

“Therefore, customers are looking for more truck power to meet high volume delivery demands. 

“This new order of Volvo VNR Electric trucks will give us firsthand experience on their performance.

Volvo Trucks North America began taking customer orders for its VNR Electric model in December 2020.