AB Agri has placed an order with Volvo for 12 FM 460 Globetrotter 6×2 tractor units.

The new vehicles were supplied by Volvo Truck & Bus Centre South & East.

AB Agri confirmed they will be used by ABN, part of the business that covers pig and poultry feed manufacturing.

Furthermore, they join a fleet of 118 vehicles at AB Agri, 30% of which are Volvos.

Specifically, the new FMs will be used for moving bulk animal feed around the country.

Therefore, five will operate out of ABN’s site in Bury St Edmunds.

In addition, one more will be based in Leeds, with the remaining six yet to be delivered.

Mark Hope, transport services contract manager at AB Agri, has long been an admirer of the Swedish brand.

“There’s no doubt that Volvo Trucks supplies premium vehicles,” he commented.

“However, when it comes to upgrading our fleet, we don’t just focus on efficiency and high quality. 

“We also look for a strong relationship with the local dealership. 

Hope explained that the ABN mills don’t have their own fleet maintenance teams. 

“Therefore, good, reliable service is paramount to all our transport managers,” he added. 

“The mill in Bury St. Edmunds has a particularly strong relationship with the local dealer. 

“As a result, it is one of the big reasons why Volvo won this latest order.” 

The FMs joining the AB Agri fleet boast up to 460hp and 2,300Nm of torque.

Therefore, they will pull a combination of Priden, Muldoon and Wilcox, tri-axle bulk blowing tipping trailers. 

Meanwhile, the trucks feature numerous Volvo packages. 

For example, they have the Drive+ package – for added comfort – and the Single Bed Living package.

The latter includes a luxury sleeper control panel, 28-litre refrigerator and interior lighting with night light and dimmer.