Dash cam files footage in a flash

SmartWitness has unveiled a new vehicle journey recorder which provides instant notification with videos of incidents in less than 60 seconds after a collision.

The company said its new KP1 recorder will allow insurance claims to be filed in record time – which can significantly reduce costs for truck operators.

The company said insurers have found just two per cent of incidents recorded on its cameras result in disputed claims, compared to the industry norm of 40 per cent for all motor claims.

The KP1 3G/4G instant video transmission vehicle camera offers in-built tracking and telematics data, and features two cameras: a built-in forward-facing camera and an optional second camera for interior, side or rear views.

The device can compress a 10-second video clip to just 150 KB of data, making it one of the most data cost-effective units on the market.

“The KP1 is unlike anything on the market today,” said SmartWitness managing director, Simon Marsh. “It really is a game-changer and will make our roads safer and help companies to meet their corporate responsibilities. KP1 will provide clients with court-compliant evidence from one or two cameras as soon as an incident occurs. And with the second camera, KP1 is future-proof if the UK follows suit with the distracted driving laws which are being introduced in some states in the US.

“In-cab CCTV ensures blameless drivers can always prove their innocence, and it is a vital safeguard against cash-for-crash fraudsters,” he added.