DAF’s vision for its next truck generation – announced recently with the ZF, XG and XG+ – has its own app.

Therefore, the new vehicles are available to view on computer screens and on mobile devices featuring augmented reality. 

In addition, the fully immersive virtual experience is a first for the transport sector when launching a truck.

The New Generation app provides DAF’s vision to highlight all the new features of the trucks.

They can be viewed from all angles, both inside and out, from the comfort of your own seat.

Furthermore, app users can position trucks in specific locations such as a parking area, inside a house, or even on a desk.

An extension of the app is the DAF Virtual Experience, which ‘emulates its physical equivalent at DAF’s onsite Experience Centre in Eindhoven’.

The virtual experience offers shows, presentations, videos and a live chat feature.

In addition, it allows the possibility for users to register for a virtual drive in the XG and XG+.

Finally, visitors can look in on the DAF museum and browse the virtual web shop.

The manufacturer says that further features will be added to the virtual experience during in due course.

Within the virtual experience is a ‘Start the Future’ showroom.

This area shows DAF’s vision of the future with the XF, XG and XG+ models available to explore.

Richard Zink, director, marketing and sales, DAF, said the app covers all bases. 

“The DAF Virtual Experience has been designed to work on all devices – desktop and mobile,” he said. 

“It is responsive, rapid and much more than just a video production, with the look and feel of a high-end gaming environment. 

“The New Generation DAF app and the DAF Virtual Experience are part of a comprehensive digital launch of a new generation of trucks.”