An order of 200 heavy-duty trucks are to be shipped to Colombia by DAF.

The deal is the largest order to South America for the truck manufacturer.

Grupo Prodes has gone for a single model.

Therefore, all 200 trucks are three-axle CF 6×4 tractor units.

Specifically, they will be used for the distribution of beer and soft drinks.

In addition, they will transport tropical fruit to inhospitable areas.

The phased delivery of the 200 DAFs has just begun. 

This process following an extensive test and evaluation of the CF by Grupo Prodes. 

As a result, the company’s director of transport, Federico Medina, is very impressed. 

“We operate a multi-brand and multi-chassis fleet,” he explained. 

“Therefore, we have lots of vehicles we could compare it with. 

“But the DAF CF is really in a class of its own.”

In particular, Medina highlighted the truck’s reliability, fuel efficiency and driver comfort. 

“We are so convinced by the quality of the truck that we increased our initial order of 150 trucks to 200,” he revealed.

The new heavy duty trucks will join one of the the largest fleets in Colombia.

For example, Grupo Prodes fleet has 1,500 trucks. 

Meanwhile, the DAF trucks will look much like standard specification CFs. 

However, technically, they are being prepared for a very tough working life. 

Johan Doensen, DAF Trucks’ area sales manager sales operations, explained more.

“Grupo Prodes has ordered heavy-duty chassis with extra robust tandem axles for maximum traction,” he said. 

Therefore, they will be able to operate every day under very demanding conditions.

The heavy-duty trucks will be supplied and maintained by DAF dealer Kenworth de la Montaña. 

It has 14 workshops in Colombia and specialises in DAF and Kenworth brands.