Tyre management from Continental has taken a step forward with a ContiConnect upgrade. 

The new system ‘puts in place the necessary infrastructure for digital tyre management of the future’ says the company.

In other words, it has listened to fleet customers and ensured that ContiConnect 2.0 will move with the online world.

The head of business development at Continental Tyres, Tansu Isik, explained more. 

“ContiConnect 2.0 is focused on the digitalisation of tyres. 

“Therefore, it paves the way for intelligent tyre management combined with digital, service-based tyre solutions.”

 Specifically, continuous analysis of the extensive data collected from the tyres creates a broad data pool. 

As a result, the ContiConnect upgrade will allow tyre maintenance to be carried out exactly when it is needed. 

Continuing, Isik said: “Our fleet customers benefit from the modularity, flexibility and compatibility of ContiConnect 2.0. 

“For example, it enables exceptionally secure digital tyre management, increases vehicle uptime and maximises cost transparency.” 

The ContiConnect upgrade will mean vehicles are out of use less of the time and truck fleets will benefit from lower maintenance costs. 

In addition, they will be able to achive higher tyre mileage due to the lack of downtime. 

Therefore, ContiConnect 2.0 represents a great solution in terms of sustainable mobility, said the manufacturer. 

Meanwhile, Sven Wilhelmsen, head of product management, digital solutions, explained the development process.

“With ContiConnect 2.0, we are building on existing functions such as continuous tyre pressure monitoring. 

“Therefore, our fleet customers can digitally track the remaining mileage, tread depth and condition of all the tyres in their fleets.” 

Furthermore, the user experience has been improved – thanks to the release of a new app. 

Specifically, the app will cover all the variables on the vehicle. 

The technology will also present fleet managers with information in a more precise, targeted form.