Moran Logistics has placed an order with Keltruck for 15 CNG trucks from Scania.

The vehicles are set to be delivered throughout 2023.

Specifically, the order was made with the pledge by Moran Logistics to become more ‘green’ as a business.

For example, the 15 new Scanias will join two existing CNG-powered trucks that entered service in 2021.

The two gas vehicles are Scania G cabs 13-litre 410bhp, 4×2s. 

They are vehicles that Scania believes will drive the shift to a sustainable transport system. 

Moran has also invested in driver comforts.

For example, there’s a leather steering wheel, premium driver seat and premium 7in radio.

The new trucks will be used by Moran Logistics for its contracts with Lidl.

Essentially, the supermarket chain has called upon its hauliers to be more environmentally friendly.

Therefore, the addition of more CNG trucks on the fleet helps fulfil this requirement.

Interestingly, the trucks were originally purchased as a trial for Moran Logistics.

However, the drivers were so impressed that the company has placed the larger order.

Furthermore, a three-year R&M package has been agreed by the company with Keltruck.

Dean Roberts, general manager, Moran Logistics, explained the rationale behind the investment.

“The CNG vehicles are suited to the work we do with Lidl,” he explained. 

“The fuel infrastructure for filling up near Lidl locations is not an issue.”

Continuing, Dean added: “We have a long-standing relationship with Scania. 

“However, we still underwent a selection process to ensure we partnered with who we saw as the most suitable for our needs.

“This was supported by listening to recommendations from Lidl, as to how CNG fits in with both its roadmap and ours for using renewable energy.”