The first new FH Globetrotter from Thomas Hardie Commercials has been debuted as a charity demonstrator vehicle. 

Volvo’s latest flagship vehicle will be used to raise awareness of the Derian House Children’s Hospice.

In addition, it will help raise funds for the charity, which looks after young people and their families across the north west of England.

The 6×2 pusher axle tractor unit is at the heart of Thomas Hardie’s ‘Drive it for Derian’ campaign.

Therefore, it has been kitted out in bright yellow and green paint, featuring the charity’s mascot, Danni.

Meanwhile, the charity demonstrator is aiming to raise at least £5,000 throughout the year for the House.

Steve Wilson, Thomas Hardie’s marketing director said the dealer has supported the charity for over 20 years. 

“It is a cause that is close to the hearts of many people in the area,” he said. 

“Each year we aim to hold a charity day to raise money for the hospice, but Covid-19 stopped us.

“Instead, we decided to use the new demonstrator to help raise money and awareness for this fantastic organisation.

The livery is designed by Sale-based Digital Revolution Graphics. 

It includes a ‘Text to Donate’ number to encourage donations when the FH is out on the road.

Meanwhile, Sara Eltman, from Derian House Children’s Hospital, hailed the initiative as “fantastic”. 

“Our donations have declined during the pandemic, with the forced cancellation of so many events,” she revealed.

In addition, the charity’s shops had to close temporarily. 

“The funds this truck generates will help us to continue to care for the children and young people who need us most.

Concluding, Eltman said: “We are hugely grateful to Thomas Hardie Commercials and its customers for supporting us.”