Cameras eye falling premiums

Wrings Transport reckons it’s set to save £20,000 on its insurance premium after installing accident cameras to its fleet of 50 vehicles.

The Hallen, South Gloucestershire-based haulier has spent £9000 on the devices which record the road ahead and were developed to establish liability after accidents.

Company MD, Stuart Wring, said he decided to purchase the cameras after becoming concerned about cash-for-crash scams in which fraudsters submit bogus injury and damage claims. In just one year, he said the company’s accident rate reduced by 50 per cent – leading to his insurance premium remaining static. “Our insurer hasn’t cut the premium, but has indicated it won’t go up if we keep our good practices in place,” Wring said. “We pay around £200,000 a year. If it doesn’t go up, we save around 10 per cent.”

He said, on average, the company used to have around two bumps a month – but this has reduced by around half, saving £10,000. “I think that’s because cameras improve the behaviour of our drivers, as they know their journey is being recorded all the time,” Wring said. “We also have stickers on our vehicles warning other road users that all our journeys are recorded,” he added.