The government has issued confirmation that regardless of a ‘deal’ or ‘no-deal’ Brexit, Driver CPC training is here to stay.

The announcement came in guidance notes issued by the Department for Transport (DfT) entitled ‘Commercial road haulage in the EU if there’s no Brexit deal’.

The notes state: “The UK will maintain a CPC scheme. This includes both Transport Manager CPCs and Driver CPCs. Little will change in practice regarding how UK drivers can obtain their CPC certification.

“The government is putting in place a CPC scheme to reflect the fact we will have left the EU, but we have no immediate plans to change any of the standards drivers have to meet.”

David Slack, commercial director of Driver Hire Training, said: “The government has been largely silent on Driver CPC during the Brexit negotiations, so we welcome this update on its future. In our opinion Driver CPC training has been a positive for the industry, improving both safety and professionalism.

“Regular updates on driver’s hours or tachograph law – two of our most popular courses – are never wasted and contribute to road safety and industry compliance.

“While accepting it adds a cost burden and further admin for operators, Driver CPC is a positive for the industry. And that’s why we welcome the government announcement,” he concluded.