Iveco has been involved in talks relating to a biomethane scale-up across Europe.

Specifically, the truck manufacturer has joined 27 European companies to decides a strategy for the renewable gas. 

The Biomethane Declaration was presented to the European Energy Commissioner last week.

Meanwhile, Iveco shared its commitment to becoming net zero by 2025 at the event. 

As part of the biomethane scale-up, companies involved committed to targets over the coming years.

For example, the 28 businesses said they would increase biomethane application across Europe to at least 250TWh (33 billion cubic meters) by 2030.

In response, the commissioner accepted the proposal and highlighted the importance of renewable gas.

As a result, this was a big step to help decarbonising a number of sectors such as transport, residential heating and industry.

Furthermore, it was concluded that the biomethane scale-up would provide a more resilient energy system and cut energy dependency.

Giandomenico Fioretti, from Iveco said the meeting was “very positive”.

“We share the view that decarbonisation requires an energy mix where biomethane and hydrogen play a central role,” 

“And, that all actors in the biomethane value chain need to join forces to support the development of the technology.”

Continuing, Fioretti highlighted the need for necessary infrastructure and the creation of conditions for a widespread adoption. 

Meanwhile, Iveco has pioneered sustainable transport solutions over the past 25 years.

Therefore, it is the industry leader in gas mobility with more than 40,000 vehicles sold. 

The company’s pathway to decarbonising heavy-duty transport sees an energy mix based on customer mission and product range. 

In other words, a mix of biomethane, Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) and Fuel-Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) technologies. 

Importantly, this approach is consistent with the European Commission’s new energy package for the transport industry in the future.