Universal Tanker Group has placed an FMX order with Volvo for a total of 28 rigid trucks. 

The vehicles will join the company’s fleet throughout the next 12 months as its fleet is expanded. 

In total, the waste water business operates more than 100 commercial vehicles, which are spread around 21 UK depots. 

Traditionally, Universal Tanker Group acquires its vehicles from a rival truck manufacture.

However, the big Volvo FMX order represents a shift in thinking from the business.

For example, it was impressed with the level of service from local dealer Thomas Hardie Commercials.

Simon Gunn, director at Universal Tanker Group, explained the thinking behind the change of supplier.

“We have bought five companies over the past six years, acquiring lots of kit along the way. 

“One of them ran Volvos, which we inherited and the level of service we received from the dealership was second to none. 

“Therefore, we added our first two new Volvos, both Tridems, around three years ago. 

“Now we’ve come back to them in large numbers this time.” 

Continuing, Gunn describes the trucks as “top quality”, while he was quick to praise customer support. 

The first 6×2 to arrive as part of the FMX order comes with rear air suspension and a hydraulically steered tag axle. 

Furthermore, it is fitted with a remounted stainless-steel tanker and vacuum unit. Power comes from Volvo’s 10.8-litre Euro 6 diesel, which puts out 380hp and 1,800Nm of torque. 

Meanwhile, Universal Tanker Group has opted for Volvo’s Drive package and Media package.

As a result, there is a boost to driver comfort and functionality, which has kept the drivers happy.  

In addition, the interior offers a 12in instrument display, as well as a 9in side display providing infotainment and navigation. 

Finally, a lower door passenger-side window adds extra visibility.