A B-double semi-trailer trial has concluded and the organiser is looking for further opportunities to demonstrate the technology.

Dick Denby, of Denby Transport, has written to Baroness Vere asking for clearance to conduct further road trials. 

Specifically he wants to prove that the 25.25m, 60-tonne road train Eco-Link combination trailers will improve efficiency.

Denby’s overall aim is to get approval to run the vehicles on UK roads to help operator reduce costs. 

In addition, the trailer combination provides impressive environmental benefits, allowing more freight to be moved by fewer tractor units.

In his letter, Denby explained that the B-double semi-trailer trial showed what the industry was missing.

The trial, held at the Newark Showground in Nottingham, was attended industry leaders. 

For example, support came from WH Malcolm, Kuehne & Nagel, Culina logistics, Eddie Stobart Ltd and Tesco and others.

‘This event clearly demonstrated the industry appetite for trials,’ wrote Denby.

‘Firstly, it was organised by our trade body, the Road Haulage Association. 

‘Secondly, the event was attended by many industry leaders.

‘Everyone present was very positive about the concept and many would use this type of vehicle if it was an option,’ he added. 

Furthermore, Denby said the industry was ‘crying out for innovative new products that will raise productivity’. 

In addition, he claimed it would also improve environmental performance and help to alleviate the driver crisis.

Denby also explained that the organisations who attended the trail represent at least ten thousand vehicles. 

Therefore, he believes this is a serious statement of industry engagement.

During the trial, the B-double demonstrated it’s manoeuvrability, easily managing to handle slalom and reversing trials.

RHA managing director Rod McKenzie added his weight to Denby’s efforts. 

“It’s now time for the Government to act in supporting this ingenious vehicle,” he said.