Artificial intelligence (AI) will play a greater role in our lives in the future and Scania is preparing for it.

The Swedish truck manufacturer has signed a partnership with AI Sweden – the Swedish National Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence. 

As a result, Scania becomes part of a community of more than 100 members, representing private companies, the public sector, academia and research institutes.

Scania is hoping to contribute to – and benefit from – the collaboration on advanced AI technology. 

Artificial intelligence is important and useful within the trucking industry in many ways, says Scania. 

Examples include the development of autonomous vehicles as well as data-driven maintenance planning. 

These elements have benefits for customers as well as in production environments.

Mikael Cato, chief digital officer at Scania explained the importance of the company working with AI Sweden. 

“Working to spread insights, build and share experiences in with AI Sweden is valuable and stimulating for Scania.”

Importantly, AI Sweden offers practical assets, such as the ‘Data Factory’ for exploring new ideas and ways of working. 

The centre supplies a ready-to-use environment where many complex AI tests can be carried out. 

AI Sweden has been compared to a gym, with advanced equipment and skilled individuals on hand ready to assist.

Daniel Gillblad, co-director for scientific vision at AI Sweden, welcomed Scania to the group.

“Collaboration around AI platforms, operations of AI systems and processes for building data-driven systems should be encouraged.”

“We know Scania as a visionary and resourceful player in the automotive industry, a sector in the forefront of data collection, which can be useful also in other sectors. 

Meanwhile, Ulrik Janusson, technology leader for connectivity at Scania said there are lots of possibilities.

Initially we are particularly interested in taking a closer look at the EdgeLab in the Data Factory,” she said.