Decking and artificial grass specialist Witch Group has added a Renault C430 to its fleet.

Specifically, the operator’s P8x2/6 model is a bespoke truck that joins a fleet of eight vehicles.

The company had previous positive experiences with Renault Trucks.

For example, it highlighted impressive fuel consumption as one benefit to the French manufacturer’s models.

In addition, the artificial grass specialist liked the ability to commission a vehicle to the business’ specification.

Therefore, Witch Group returned to Renault for more business, via JDS Truck and Van. 

The C430 has a bespoke 8×2/6 chassis with a 9.1m curtain sided body. 

It comes with with fall arrest and special side retainers to ease the load against the curtains. 

Meanwhile, the truck has been specified with centre poles to enable the vehicle to carry decking, astro turf and carpets.

The operator’s latest purchasing decision was based on Witch Group’s experience of a 12-plate, 26 tonne Renault Truck Premium.

Transport manager, John Carrol, explained more.

“The Premium is an all-rounder and gave us great insight into the capability and suitability of Renault trucks for our particular operation. 

“For example, it gets into both large and small spaces.

“And, quite frankly, it is remarkable on fuel,” he added. 

“We are getting impressive high 10s and early 11s mpg and excellent aftercare experience from JDS. 

“Therefore, when we were looking for our latest vehicle, we had every reason to go back to Renault Trucks.”

The new Renault Trucks C430 comes with sleeper cab and a number of other driver-friendly features. 

For example, it is fitted with a fridge, Roadpad+ and navigation system.

Furthermore, there are safety features including the emergency hand brake system should the driver leave the cab without disengaging gear or the handbrake.