Duchy Plant Hire has placed a repeat order for eight Mercedes-Benz Arocs, having only got its first in 2021.

When the Cornish operator needed a new tipper in a hurry two years ago, The Arocs fitted the bill. 

As a result, it impressed the company’s owner, Jamie Shelton, who recently welcomed two more onto the fleet.

In addition, six more will follow in early 2023, as part of that repeat order.

Shelton said the performance of the original vehicle made all the difference. 

“That Arocs never gets stuck and is the most reliable truck on the fleet,” he enthused.

“Also, it’s every bit as capable as our Swedish-built trucks, yet they cost us upwards of £40,000 more. 

Continuing, Shelton was quick to praise the reliability of the Arocs on the company’s fleet.

“All we’ve had to do with our first Mercedes-Benz over the last couple of years is replace wear items,” he said.

As a 3240 variant, that Arocs is powered by a 10.7-litre in-line six-cylinder engine with 394hp.

However, Duchy Plant Hire has a policy of running very highly specified equipment.

Therefore, the eight ‘new’ vehicles ordered are all Arocs 3251s with 510hp, 12.8-litre engines. 

The repeat order sees the Aroc trucks join a 16-strong fleet that is otherwise Swedish.

For example, there are tractor units and a beavertail-bodied eight-wheeler.

Although, Shelton stresses that 8×4 tippers form the backbone of the fleet. 

“The drivers have been blown away too, by their smooth power delivery and comfort,” he says of the new Arocs. 

“One has been in Swedish trucks all his working life but reckons the Arocs is the best he’s ever driven.”

Duchy Plant Hire is sending its vehicles further afield – into Devon and as far as Bristol.

Therefore, day cabs are not always ideal for those purposes.