The UK has welcomed another model onto the market as the all-new Fuso Canter hits the streets. 

The light truck from Daimler offers improved levels of design, safety and comfort.

For example, the new truck has a ‘modern design language’, which reflect’s Fuso’s identity.

In addition, all-new Fuso Canter is available with Daimler’s Sideguard Assist technology.

The system picks up movements from vulnerable road users on the passenger side and alerts the driver of any danger.

Furthermore, optional LED headlights that provide 30% improved visibility can also be specified.

There is also a new Autolight function and reinforced rear underpin to minimise impact during a collision. 

Meanwhile, drivers have been considered in the development of the all-new Fuso Canter.

For instance, improved insulation in the cab means that interior noise leves are reduced.

The spacious cab also offers better visibility, which is essential in urban environments.

Finally, the low-entry layout is designed to support distribution drivers.

Therefore, easy access to and within the cab makes deliveries more efficient than before.

The light duty Fuso Canter has been popular for many decades.

For example, customers have often praised elements such as the turning circle, payload and versatility. 

In fact, since launch in 1963, more than 4.5 million Fuso Canters have been produced worldwide.

Importantly, the all-new Fuso Canter is available in four weight classes (3.5-8.55 tonnes). 

In addition, eight wheelbases (2,500mm to 4,750mm) and three engine outputs (130hp to 175hp) can be chosen.

However, for the first time in Britain, the 3.5-tonne FUSO Canter will be available with a narrower cab. 

This 1.7m-wide S (standard) cabin joins the established 2.0m width of the C (comfort) cab. 

Meanwhile, Crewcab variants will continue to be offered in several weight classes.