It’s all change on the fleet of Staffordshire-based Ian Hooley Transport.

The operator has decided to switch to Renault trucks after 20 years running competitor products.

As a result, the haulier has taken delivery of a C480 8×4 with day and night cab.

Specifically, it was the service and dealer support that ultimately made the difference.

The C480 truck is on the road 24 hours a day and joins another Renault truck.

Ian Hooley admitted he wasn’t happy with his previous vehicle.

“The team at Allports Group persuaded me to try a new Renault truck,” he said. 

“Their support was fundamental to the new purchase.”

Hooley’s new vehicle has a 13-litre engine, with 2,550Nm of torque available.

In addition, it has a number of options beyond the high spec standard kit.

For example, the truck sports Alcoa aluminum wheels, air suspension and roof mounted air horns.

Meanwhile, inside there are plenty of extra added into the mix.

For instance, drivers will benefit from heated and ventilated seats, comfort air conditioning and a leather steering wheel.

Furthermore, the truck has been fitted with an ‘onboard assistant’ and a truck-specific sat-nav system.

Hooley said that previously he was running an 11-litre truck.

However, he was keen on more power, so went with the bigger unit.

“I do very little motorway driving, the majority is on scenic A and B roads,” he explained. 

“I also selected the most comfortable cab as I have arthritis in my back so this riding position suits me best.”

In conclusion, first impressions of the C480 are promising for Hooley. 

“The fuel is improving as the engine beds in, it’s performing better than the competitor vehicle I was running.”

“I expect to see further improvement over time,” he said.